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Outdoor Dining Options at Our Italian Restaurant

Serving the Buffalo & Wheatfield, NY Area

Although the Buffalo, NY region, including surrounding communities such as Wheatfield, may not be known for its beautiful weather, the truth is that during the spring, fall, and summer months it can be a true delight to enjoy the great outdoors. If anything, the fact that Buffalo experiences long, cold winters drives many locals to go the extra mile to make sure they are enjoying other parts of the year to the fullest! Sharing a meal with family or friends out on an outdoor dining patio can be a great way to do this. Roman Cafe is a celebrated Italian restaurant serving patrons throughout the Buffalo and Wheatfield areas that offers idyllic outdoor dining options. Visit us for dinner tonight to experience just what we have to offer!

Reserve Your Outdoor Dining Table Today!

Eating outside at a restaurant is often called dining al fresco, or in the open air. This sort of setting creates a unique atmosphere that can add a new dimension to your night out, whether you are on a date, catching up with an old friend, celebrating a birthday, or treating your family to a night of not having to cook. It also offers a number of health benefits, from refreshing your lungs and helping you to get some vitamin D to lowering stress levels and aiding with sleep. The power of fresh air along with the soothing effects of nature cannot be understated. If you work indoors all day long, hopping over to our pizza restaurant for your lunch break can be a great way to prioritize your health and keep your body functioning at its best. Be aware that we have limited seating for outdoor dining, so at peak hours or on particularly nice days you may want to call ahead and reserve your table. Our Italian restaurant looks forward to serving you!